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Wedding cake & menu


We will take care of the wedding cake and wedding menù. It coul be a lunch, a cocktail, a dinner or a buffet, we will take care of everything.

How to chhose the perfect weddign cake? Base on your taste and ideas we are here to help you with your unique choice, thanks to ability and experience of our cake designers!
Our weddign cake are all personalized in according with you and your cake could be also completely gluten free.
A wedding cake coul be classic and romantic, with drapes, ribbons, ornaments and floral arabesques, with soft and harmonious colors, in shades of white, ivory, pink or light blue. Or a wedding cake could also be based on fashion and glamour theme, with strong and unusual colors, flashy ribbons, glitter, pearls, sequined.

We can have different types of menu, it depends on your idea and on the wedding style. It could be a cocktail, a buffet, a brunch, a lunch or a dinner or both.
Your guests can be sitting at the table with a tableau or we can make a standing buffet or a mixed form with an appetizer buffet and a dessert buffet and the main courses sitting at the table. About "what to eat" the choice is too broad to be summarized here.
We remind you only that menu have to be various and refined, with more than one alternative for any course. The food have to be first-quality, fresh and well-cooked. And also you have to pay attention to the presentation of courses.

The first step is to book a personal consultation, so that we can to know you, discuss your ideas and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events.
Why not contact us for an informal chat on how we could work together?