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Photography & Video


Photo and video shooting are two of the most important services in a wedding because they are a memory of this important day. Over time, you will look at them and you will live again the emotions of that day!
Remembering these happy moments of your life are the reasons why is important that you have a very professional service. We are to help you to select the photographer and the video maker that is just right for you, a professional person that can understand your demands and style.

To get the best, it's necessary to plan everything, not only for photographer's/video-maker's choice but also for the following steps.
We're going to organize a briefing to arrange all important points, by giving as much information as possible to the photographer, he will make the most of his work.
We have to decide the schedule precisely, so that we can identify the locations prior to the shoot for each event , and also to have some alternatives in case of unforeseen events (a rainy day for example).

The first step is to book a personal consultation, that we can to know you, discuss your ideas and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events.
Why not contact us for an informal chat on how we could work together?