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Wedding dress


Our mission isn't just to help the bride with choosing her dress, our mission is to create the style of the entire wedding march: bride and groom, parents, pageboy, bridesmaids, witnesses and guests.

The first thing that we have to do is understanding the style and line of dress that fit best the personality and physic of the bride, and we are here to assist with this.

Mermaid's line, sensual and feminine; princess' line, fluffy and romantic; "A" line, that is tight-fitting on bust and then enlarging; "empire" style line, refined and lightweight; tube dress line, simple but that doesn't pass by unnoticed petticoat line, mischievous and delicate "balloon" line, timeless and elegant.
And then there are the necklines: at heart, at "v", American, strapless; and then again there're the fabrics: satin, silk, lace, tulle, organza, shantung, taffetà, crepes, chiffon. All this combined with the season and the style.

Here we are to help you to extricate yourself from all these combinations! Once you have chosen the dress, it's up to the accessories: the veil and flower bouquet.
Also the veil, as the dress, speaks about the personality of the bride. A romantic and traditional bride will choose a long veil, while a very informal bride will choose a short veil or not use it at all. The veil must also follow the style of the dress: if the dress is lace the veil will be minimal, if the dress is simple, the veil will be richer.
The bouquet can have a lot of forms: cascade, round, open beam, round, bouquet or pomander. Its style is usually based according to the dress, the veil, the personality and the whole style of the wedding.
Then, always with our trusted stylist, we take care of the entrance of the bride (and of all the wedding march). The entrance is the first act of the wedding, that will be imprinted in the memory of all: so it have to be perfect, studied and well-finished.

We take a lot of care also with choosing dress and accessories for the groom. He will have to keep in mind wedding's style, location, season and time. He could wears a tight, formal and elegant, an "half tight" , a bit 'less formal, or a more simple dark suit.
Clearly, the witnesses and the fathers of the bride and groom will be coordinated with the style chosen by the groom. For little bridesmaids and pageboy we have to combine practicality and elegance, they will have a well-defined role and style: basket with petals, pillow with the rings, wreaths of flowers on the head, etc.

The first step is to book a personal consultation, so that we can to know you, discuss your ideas and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events.
Why not contact us for an informal chat on how we could work together?