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Location's choice Wedding Venues

Location is the place of your wedding day! It's a very important choice, both for the ceremony and for the party.
You can host both party in the same place and venue or choose different one, depending on your preferences and on the wedding style.

Our portfolio of beautiful wedding venues includes privately owned castles, country houses, vineyards, luxury and boutique hotels all of which have been hand-picked by us and are available for exclusive hire for weddings and celebrations. From medieval villages to large country estates we have properties suitable for the smallest, most intimate weddings to those that can accommodate several hundred guests.
Our task is to help you to find the alternatives and have the correct choice for the place that suits better for your demands and for your dreams! Italy gives you a lot of choices: villas, fairytale castle, historic buildings, rustic barns, farmhouses, with attached churches, loft, ancient vapor boats or sailboats or also the classical hotels and restaurants, from the most ancient to the most modern! You have only to choose!

Historic buildings are perfect for a refined wedding. They're often situated in an historical center and are unique venues because of their environment warm and comforting: big rooms, antique furnishing, precious crystals, frescoes of great value... 
We've an exclusive partnership with Villa Cipriani in Asolo. “The Villa Cipriani, the best place to stay in the center of Asolo. The Cipriani is the most glorious Tuscan villa that just happens to be nowhere near Tuscany. It has plenty of little secluded patios and a view over a valley that you just couldn't tire of, particularly if you're sipping a Bellini at one of the tables at the garden's edge…”
Click here to see details about our weddings in Villa Cipriani

For a fairytale wedding, castle is the better
, with its magical and dreaming ambience. Walls, towers, drawbridges, moats of water, big fireplaces, torches, ancient and austere furnishings, large dinner tables with rare tablecloths, large vessels, flower arrangements: all makes the ambience rich in mystery and history. In addition, you can prepare a medieval wedding, both for the ceremony and for the party, if you want a very particular wedding!

For an elegant wedding you can have a Palladian Villa. A perfect location if you love the luxury and the shines of the past times. These villas were the summer residences of the ancient noble families and are perfect to organize a wedding because have a lot of rooms, decorated with frescoes and fine furnishings, and big and beautiful gardens where we can buffet or appetizer or for eating wedding cake or dessert buffet. 

A rustic barns or farmhouses are perfect for a romantic wedding, in nature and simplicity. These places are wide and spacious, with large external areas and gardens where we can prepare the banquet. You can have a buffet, maybe a barbeque with meat and/or fish or you can have a more formal rural-chic dinner/lunch.

For a particular and modern wedding, there's the loft! A unique and very big room, in industrial architecture style, with a minimalist structure, with a lot of big windows and skylights, so a very bright space.

For a classic wedding we have hotels and restaurants. There're a lot of alternatives, both for architectural style and for culinary style.

The boats: if you love water and water location, it's a particular and romantic choice. There're a lot of type of boats where we can organize a wedding: sailboat, yatch, a Venice ferry boat... Where? You can sail the sea, or a river, or lake, or you can remaining anchored in port. Or we can also make some short sailings and then stop in small beaches or creeks, both day and night!

The first step is to book a personal consultation, so that we can get to know you, discuss your ideas, and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events.
Why not contact us for an informal chat on how we could work together?